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The ArduinoLogger:
SD Data Logging for Any Application

The ArduinoLogger can be used alone for logging temperatures, or use the serial interface to log time-stamped data in any application. Advanced users can customize the source code to integrate other sensor data directly in the Arduino environment.


Prototype Additions (GPS Example): Configured for GPS logging, great for hiking or traveling of any
sort – logging position, elevation, distance traveled, etc by adding a GPS module such as the LS20031.

Serial DataLogger: Integrated as a serial slave for data logging in the Orbduino Project.

FTDI Style Connection: Updating firmware with an FTDI USB/Serial board

ArduinoLogger Software:

    Serial commands currently available:  
/?: Lists available commands
: set File Name
        a: append file with string
        r: read file(arg is last X KBytes, def is 0/all)
        d: Directory
        m: manual temp log add
        i: init SD Card
        t: read rtc time
        u: update rtc time
        c: CD/WP bit status
            New commands added regularly, also upon request

Bare Board

How to get The ArduinoLogger:
I have bare PCBs and fully assembled & tested boards available for purchase. Please contact me for details.

I’ve thought about making an SMT only version, and would like to pursue that if there is interest. If you’re interested, please contact me and let me know!

• Schematics (PDF)
    • ArduinoLogger Source code (v0.02)

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